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You have stumbled upon the Digital Nomad blog. This is a dual blog, a Tech and Travel Blog. It about when Tech and Travel cross as well as when they don’t. I travel a fair amount for work and for fun and use Mac products extensively and exclusively while doing so. This blog is about the places I travel to and the technology I use along the way like the iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro. It is also about technology in general as well as some fun places and things we have done while traveling over the last 20 years.

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  • Austria Germany Border

Rick Steves’ Private European Tour for 20 Dollars

March 13th, 2013|0 Comments

We like being directed to the sites and fun things to do off the beaten path when traveling. Rick Steve’s travel guides are excellent at pointing these sites and activities out. We used Rick Steves’ Europe […]

  • Naritasan-Shinshoji-Templte-6

How to Deal with a Flight Change

August 15th, 2012|0 Comments

In my new position, Director of Business Development for ST Electronics Satcom Business Group, I have traveled a fair amount (so far this year – 13 countries, 44 cities and 114K air miles flown) meeting with […]

  • India City Scene

Briggs & Riley 22 Inch Expandable Carry-On – A Must Have

August 12th, 2012|1 Comment

Several months ago I purchased the Briggs & Riley 22 inch Expandable Carry-On Series 200, which when expanded is one of the largest by volume carry-on bags on the market. I have used it on […]

  • Old Truck

Whitehourse: 25 mins hotel to plane

February 5th, 2010|0 Comments

I am sitting in my seat on an Air Canada CRJ plane 25 mins after leaving my hotel. I left the hotel at 6:15 am for my 7 am flight, drove to the airport, returned […]

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  • Installed MSI HD R6870 Twin Frozr II

ATI Radeon HD 6870 Video Card – How to Install on Mac OS X

December 20th, 2014|15 Comments

Updated Dec 20, 2014 (original – April 30, 2011)
This procedure for installing a PC R6870 Video Card into a Mac Pro works for Mac OS Yosemite and Marvericks as well as Mac OS X Lion with […]

  • apple-macbook-pro-15-inch-core-2-duo

Adding an SSD to a MacBook Pro for a Remarkable Speed Increase

August 13th, 2012|Comments Off

After months of my wife’s complants about her 5 year old  15″ MacBook Pro 3,1 hanging during normal operations, I upgraded the hard drive to an OWC 240GB Mercury Electra 2.5″ 3G SSD and was […]

  • Installed MSI HD R6870 Twin Frozr II

ATI Radeon HD 6870 Video Card – Compatable with Mountain Lion

August 11th, 2012|2 Comments

In my earlier article on the MSI HD 6870 Video Card I confirm that the ATI Radeon HD 6870 Video Card works in an early 2008 Mac Pro and how to install it. Upgrading to […]

  • badge-thunderbird

Converted from MacMail to Thunderbird

April 21st, 2012|0 Comments

Over the last few months I decided to give Mozilla Thunderbird for the Mac a try. I was really excited when the interface on MacMail changed with Lion. It was cool, it was like the […]